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Смартфон был выпущен 26 октября 2018 года с разными модулями связями и количеством SIM-карт. Модели A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108 были доступны с GSM или CDMA/eSIM, nano-SIM или dual-SIM. Объём памяти варьируется в пределах: 64, 128, 256 Гб. И, конечно, iPhone XR увидел свет в различных оттенках корпуса: черном, белом, синем, желтом, Coral и красном.

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Why doesn't my phone charge right?

My phone doesn’t get a good charge. It has to be in the perfect position for it to work. I have tried different cords to charge it with, different bricks, everything. If I use my phone while I am trying to charge it, it constantly switches between charging and not. If I don’t place my phone in the correct spot when I go to bed, it will be like halfway charged in the morning. I tried cleaning the charging port out but that did not work. I’m not sure if I didn’t clean it well enough or if the problem is something else. Help?

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Have you tried to charge the phone with other cables?


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Does the cable actually sit flush with the bottom of the phone? If not, there’s still debris in the port. Generally my advice for cleaning the port is, get something thin, sturdy and non conductive. Toothpick works well enough. Use a flashlight to check and see what may be in there, sometimes it’s hard to know what it’s supposed to look like. But usually you can tell if there’s lint or other debris in it. Aim straight for the back of the port. Usually that’s where stuff is going to collect since it’s picking it up from a pocket or what have you and getting compressed into the back of the port when you plug a charger in.

If cleaning still doesn’t work, sounds like you’re in the market for a new charge port/dock flex assembly.

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Look in the lightning port and clean it out gently with a toothpick.

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The Apple store will clean out your lightning port for you; they have a custom tool to do that. Also, they use an endoscope to look for the lint.

Hint to Ifixit folks - I’d love to have a tool that cleaned out lightning ports.

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