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horn and lights flashed for about 3 mins and go off then start again

I have a 2005 Honda Accord, 4cylinder, 2 door Canadian model. Randomly lately during the winter and once in the summer my horn and lights flashed for about 3 mins and go off then start again. I took my 20 amp fuse out yesterday so it would not bother my neighbors, it flashed my lights and went off again in the night, so I went and unlocked the door and never saw the lights come on again. Do you think the relay is bad, I cannot identify which relay is for the horn, I have already removed the yellow 20 amp fuses so I have no horn at the moment I also removed the batteries in my FOBs in case they were low but the car still acted up. Has anyone found an answer to this issue? My horn works great otherwise, you can hear both and they are loud.

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Just wondering if there is a problem with the car's alarm system.

Not sure if it is the same for your model but here's a video that may help.

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