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Released March 2019, identified by model number SM-A305FZRFINS

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Phone vibrates and shows sign of life but shows blank screen

My phone's screen has been blank and doesn't show anything. I've tried doing a soft reset (volume down + power button) and got it to vibrate showing that it's restarting but it still doesn't show the Samsung logo or the home screen. I've even connected it to my computer and was able to see it as a MTP device, and when I did a soft reset of it while it was connected, my computer played the USB disconnect sound and then the USB connect sound showing it is still alive. Is there anything else that can be done to get rid of this "black screen of death" or whatever it is ?

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Did your display have any other problems before this happened? Have you dropped the phone in liquid in the past 6 months? Has this problem happened after a fall or other damage to the phone?


@andrewsawesome No it just stopped working at one point.


same here, now u mail to headquarter support.india@samsung.com


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@danielife4 I wonder if your "black screen of death" is not a broken display. Just to check this, Power-on the phone and check the power-on sound or motor Vibration. Sound or Vibration is ok? If the answer is yes, replace the display assembly.

If it is not, you will have to check the video circuitry on your PCB’s according to this flow-sheet

Block Image

Here is the board view Samsung A30 Boardview. Use the search function of the PDF reader you are using, to find the components etc.

I still think your display is the prime suspect ;-)

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yeah. The vibration works., but there's no way to check the sound since it doesn't have a sound on/off button I can switch. But I conclude at this point that it display assembly is dead.

Does iFix happen to have a tutorial and a kit I could get to replace the display assembly?


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Facing the same problem 2 days back. As i came to know most of the time this problem happens because of hardware problems like your battery issue or because of water damage. In my case i was facing the similar problem in my samsung s21 smartphone and i was in a bad mood. I searched a lot and found a solution https://okadtech.com/samsung-s21-black-s...

In my case i was lucky it was a software crash and i successfully solved this problem.

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