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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Can you replace just the keyboard on A2159 topcase?

Does anyone know if they keyboard can be replaced on the A2159, or is it complete topcase replacement?

Pictures of the parts show several holes like the how the unibody was.

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Apple comes with a really interesting mechanism when it comes to mac books there are restrictions that are applied to it specially keyboards, the keyboards are glued to the casing itself with a really sensitive board which removing it can damage the brackets used for holding the fans and motherboard therefore I don’t see a possibility of changing the keyboard but fixing it is easy and fun.


It's really not that interesting. Does the keyboard on this model have screws or rivets?

a) Rivets

b) Screws

c) I don't know.


It’s not actually screwed to the casing it’s glued as mentioned before and that is the thin layer of the actual board of the keyboard that I’m talking about @applerepairshop


@sam00798 - Lots of metal rivets! And 6 screws hold the keyboard to the case. The Battery and the keyboard backlight are glued in.

Did you watch the video I posted??


Not yet tbh I was at work I just had a laptop underwork didn’t go for details @danj


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Well... Its not something I recommend! It’s a lot of work and depending on the keyboard layout & keys you might not find the needed part as they are hard to come by as Apple has made it hard.

To give you an idea on what it takes review this older Early 2013 13” MacBook Pro Apple Really Doesn’t Want You To Fix This - MacBook Keyboard Replacement getting the battery out and the keyboard backlight plate is a bit more complex.

In the end you’ll likely need to replace the battery and you may end up damaging the backlight plate.

In the end it just cheaper and easier replacing the full upper case assembly. You can thank Apple making it so hard needlessly and expensive to boot!

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This AliExpress seller claims his topcase is compatible with both A1706 and A2159... I don't know if I trust it, as I've never tried.


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Is it worth the gamble? Let us know if it works!


Hmmmm A1706 is a 2017 mbp and 2159 is 2019 (I believe please don't quote me on that :). The A1706 is butterfly revision something and 2159 is different revision no something (IDK the number). Let's see how it goes as what @danj said


@np_f1_2021 - The A1706 is a 4 port 13" 2016/17 Touch Bar system and you are right the A2159 is the 2 port 13" 2019 Touch Bar system and has the newer magic scissor keys unlike the 2016/17 which uses the junk butterfly keys.

Maybe the seller is confused ;-} As the A1989 4 port would be the sister of the A2159 2 port. Even still I don't think it would work either, you would end up with two holes where the ports would have been.


True...Although (this is about to get real controversial real fast) why do people hate on the butterfly switch so much? I have dailied a Macbook air 2019 and I have had (1) issues with it.

Okay so butterfly is really garbage (The above was just a joke but i do daily a butterfly macbook) and I daily a MX keys mini from logitech at my desk. After a quick google it would appear the A2159 is indeed a butterfly switch system which did confuse me a bit but it would appear that the scissor switches only came around in 2020. That's all well and good but @danj is right in the sense that you would have an extra 2 ports leftover. Also the headphone jack would be out of place and unless u have a 3.5mm drill bit it's not going to look good if you try fittin 3.5mm headphone jacks into a type C port.

Because ebay is trash and doesnt know what "Top case" means when including macbook pro in the SAME SEARCH thingy (I just ate lunch give me a break lol), Aliexpress or something would be your best bet if you need extra parts.


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The A2159 keyboard is replaceable. This video by Vlad shows how to do it. They are riveted in but you just use A1706/08 screws (available on Aliexpress as is the keyboard) to refit the new keyboard. This video is very comprehensive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqjdeSu5...

I am actually waiting on delivery of this keyboard to do the A2159 keyboard replacement https://www.aliexpress.com/item/40012943... Actually this seller just cancelled my order after 2 weeks. Do not deal with this seller, they are very dishonest

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