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A mid-range smartphone from Samsung released in 2019 with an improved camera over the A50 model.

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Phone will not go past the charging screen and remains off

So far as I can tell, it is not the black screen of death. Last night my phone ran out of charge, so I plugged it in before bed.

This morning, it won’t turn on; the charging screen is there when the power button is pushed, but it will not show a percentage of the charge. I have tried the reset method where you hold the power button and the volume down, but it seems to turn the phone off and land right back at the charging screen.

The only issue I can think of is maybe the battery has died, but it has shown no indication of it? anyway, if you have any ideas cheers

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could it be a plug issue? i’m guessing the charging plug couldn’t connect to your phones charger… check to see if the pins are damaged

if plugs are well, my guess is as good as yours, replace the battery or access your battery and check with a multimeter if it is above 3 volts (li po batteries needs a couple of voltage to be able to charge if it is indeed drained)

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I think you may be right on this one; there's no damage with the plug far as I can see, but for the moment being, I'll have to check the battery. Strange because it's a new phone with no previous battery issues. Anyway, cheers, mate.


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