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Repair guides and information for portable, battery powered Bluetooth speakers

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Mini usb power port needs replaced on Bluetooth speaker

Mini usb power port needs replaced on my blue tooth speaker

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new speaker would probably be best. no idea what speaker you have, but they’re pretty much all held together with copious amounts of glue and not really designed to be taken apart and then reassembled. If you have one that can be taken apart with relative ease then you would need to find an exact match port, or one very close to exact, and then desolder and then resolder the new connector.

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You will first need to open the speaker, which can be tricky. Look for seams and work gently. Sometimes screws can be hidden under trim which can be re-secured with snaps or adhesive. Once open go to Amazon and search “USB charge ports” or just “USB ports”. There are numerous selections with many having 10 or so different types in a box for under $15. Compare these with your own until you find one closest looking carefully at the wire attachment points.

Get best match and re-solder wires.

Attach the new USB with epoxy in line with the port slot taking care its depth allows connector access. Seal port and case with silicone adhesive if any original seals and/or attach devices were damaged. Any burring from opening can be lightly sandpapered as necessary.

Remember you started with broken and parts should be less than new unless you are just wanting to explore and learn!

Good luck!

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