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Why does my 2007 ford edge overheats when AC is on

Earlier when the Ac is on,in about 10mins,it over heats. So i changed the radiator (water plastic) COVER, the over heats now occurs 1-2hrs during driving. But when the AC is not on,it doesn't (though iv not driven more than 2hrs to confirm this)

I av changed the water pump, thermostat, gasket,even the water return hose but the problem still persist.

Iv checked different videos on the web on this particular issue but it seems not to help.

Iv inquired from about 3 of my friends that uses the same year of this car, they said they also face similar issues.

What can be the problem or was there an issue with some batches of this model.

Kindly help out

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Many vehicles turn on cooling fan(s) since there are two radiators - the front one is the ac condenser coil, the second one behind it is the cooling system radiator. When ac runs, the condenser coil becomes warm to hot. Airflow heats up and flows into the radiator hence cooling fan(s) are turned on. Some have variable fan speeds depending on the ac pressures and cooling system temperatures to ensure the engine doesn't overheat. If the cooling fan doesn't run when ac is turned on, condenser coil and radiator can't expel heat resulting in cooling system overheating.


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Sounds like a belt slipping issue. The ac takes more torque to spin. Change belt and check that the idler pully spins freely. Also check the fan blades are clear & spun easily

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