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The Asus K55A can be identified by its model number SI50301P. The laptop was released in February of 2012 and is powered by a 3rd generation Intel Processor. This laptop fits into the mid tier of value computing for its release year

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laptop makes noise but won't reboot

Help! I just lost my job and I need to use my laptop to do some work from home or search for another job. However in a moment of anger about a year ago I punched my laptop and it stopped working. Now when I try to start it, it makes a noise and does not even boot up. I think I may need to open it change some part that's damaged. I have a tool chip for computer repair from some classes I took about 20 years ago. The computer is about 10 years old. It's an Asus k55a. Maybe I can send a picture of the tag on the back. And that's an old machine and I should probably buy a new one but for now I'd like to use what I have if it can be repaired. Going to try repair it myself and we can figure out what part to replace.

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*I have a Tool kit not tool chip.


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Hi @markpino2022 ,

Start by removing the HDD from the laptop and check if you can get into BIOS OK.

Press and hold the F2 key and then start the laptop.

If you can get into BIOS then it's looking like the HDD is the problem (noise?)

If you can't get into BIOS check if the fan is turning on OK (noise?). A faulty fan can stop the laptop from turning on so as to protect the CPU from being damaged due to overheating.

Here's the ifixit Asus K55a-si50301p Hard Drive Replacement guide that shows how to remove the HDD.

Here's a teardown video that will help you to check if the fan is OK if you think that it may be the problem.

Here's a link to a parts supplier that may help if you need to replace a faulty part. The idea is not to use the supplier as such but to find out the Asus part number for the part and use that to find suppliers that suit you. For example, for a faulty fan click on Cooling and you will see two entries for the fan. They're interchangeable as one can substitute for the other and vise versa. The part number is shown under the title of the part i.e. 13GN8910P010-1. If you search for that number only you will get results. (FYI Unavailable only means unavailable from that supplier).

Ensure that when working inside your laptop, that you remove the battery first and replace it last thing before testing so as to not cause any electrical problems when working on the laptop

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