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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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iPod upgrade from 30gb to 80gb. Now wont work?

I have a trusty ole 30gb but wanted to just buy certain parts to replace and upgrade. List of upgraded parts:

1. Click wheel

2. back casing

3. headphone and hold jacks

4. battery (original to 850mah)

5. hdd (from 30gb to 80gb)

All parts installed and I had the apple logo then sad iPod face then "battery very low" message and now Im getting absolutly nothing. Any help?

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Try to charge your iPod on a AC adapter, the battery may be discharged below the threshold that a USB port can charge it. Also make sure that your battery cable is fully inserted and that the clasp is down on the connector. Let us know how it is going. Good Luck.


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I agree, I had a stubborn rebuild not long ago where when I plugged my 5th gen 30GB into the computer, itunes would not recognize it but you heard the connected sound and it only said very low battery and had no backlight. So I hooked it into my idock, it rebooted with backlight and said charged, then I was able to hook it back to itunes and restore,and load music on it.

BTW it took a few times doing this procedure before I got it to work!

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