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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Stripped screw on WIFI card


I'm trying to get a1286 laptop screen off my old top case as I want to use it on another system as it's a mint condition 2011 anti glare screen, but one of the screws is stripped, what method should I use to take it out?

I've tried larger screwdriver and glue but not working



Block Image

Block Image

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You need a jeweller's screw extractor. Look for for a jeweller's tool supply firm. You will need to look around a bit for it as they are much smaller than the ones you normally find at machine shops.

You will want the type that requires drilling a pilot hole first. They are conical in shape with steep spiral cutting edges that cut into the screw in the pilot hole turning counter clock-wise to unscrew it. Read up on the technique as much as you can before actually doing anything, to avoid a disaster.

The most common cause of stripped screw heads is insufficient pressure on the screw driver that then allows it to slip on the screw head.

Good luck.

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How much would this cost? I don't want to pay more then it's worth, also someone else said cut the plastic then use pliers


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Is this the good system or the one you want to remove the display from?

If its the one you don't care I would just cut off the plastic around it to get the bracket off. If this is the good one I would still cut it off and then trim away the plastic to expose more of the screw so you can get a pair of pliers on it AFTER you've taking the screen away.

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Sorry for late reply (I was asleep), I have screw pliers which work very well (Used on another Macbook), How would I cut the plastic? (What tool?)

Also the system is 2.2 Ghz Early 2011 with a good condition top case and mint anti glare screen, I'm planning on using dosdude to disable the gpu and use it as portable laptop


@amazedllama - I'm a bit confused here, you can't use the system without a display if that is what you are thinking.

I just use a dremel tool and/or a knife to cut the plastic away


Sorry for late reply, I'm planning on swapping the top case because of the dents and scratches, I started to swap parts into the clean one I have, I now need to get the Display out but the wifi card is stopping me from doing so


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