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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 7th generation iPad. Released September 25, 2019. Model numbers: A2197, A2200, and A2198.

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Pulled pads on board for charging port

I was trying to replace the power connector on my iPad 7 and I pulled some pads will need to use some jumper wires. Does anyone have a pin out diagram for this connector?

Update (04/11/2022)


Block Image

Block Image

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add a photo of the missing pads, might be no connect or ground


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It's a little hard to make out from your pictures which pads specifically are pulled. But I think really there's only one I can absolutely identify that you need to worry about.

I forgot to actually write what's what in the pic. But really it doesn't matter all that much aside from noting that anything connected together/the same color is redundant and likely doesn't need to be replaced. The orange one is the only one I would be concerned about since it definitely looks pulled and no other pin on that line. You should be able to just scratch up some of the trace there that's coming off the pad for a jumper. If not, there's a test point on that line as well which I colored orange to run a jumper to.

Also put the schematic here for this connector just for reference. I can revise for any other pads you're having issues with if i missed something.

Block Image

Block Image

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