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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Clicks but nothing else

I have this macbook and it takes in 20v, .98a, and 18.28w. it clicks but doesnt power on and the touch bar doesnt come on either. ive tried a PRAM reset to no avail. any ideas? i was watching it and it jumped too 3a and 30w but then went back down.

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Hey John,

That is quite unfortunate and sounds like a power delivery issue. My friend daily's a 2019 MacBook air and his has the same issue where it clicks but is stone cold. This has caused him lots of hassle and after a Logic board "Replacement/repair" it happened again and he has to do more troubleshooting.

As far as external factors, what charging brick are you using? 30W/3A = 10V. If that is the case you are most certainly using the wrong charger. The macbook pro uses a 61W charger. At 3A 10V, Your using a macbook air charger which is half the needed power.

I did a quick calculation and it would appear that (For my lenovo type c charger rated at 65W), it is going at 20V 3.25A which is enough for it. If i look at my magsafe 2 2015 macbook pro, it is 16.5V 3.65A which totals to 60W over magsafe. One last thing, if we take a look at Apple's official page for this product it shows a 61W charger (IDK the specs of).

In short then, it may be a good idea to get a beefier charger. If that doesn't fix it let me know and I'll do some more research.

Update: 17/04/22 10:54 AM AEST:

Apple configurator 2

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I was using the one i got with the computer (which is just a cheapy replacement) so I am going to try and use my friends macbook pro charger (they are the same 2019 13" 2 thunderbolt macbook pros) and i will see if that works.


ive tried the charger and it has the same issue


Did you check to see if the spec was a 61W charger? If so this is likely a deeper issue and it's clearly not getting very far from where it is entering. Have you opened it up and measured voltages from where the power comes in and then in other places in the computer.

This could be software related so there's a cool thing called Apple Configurator 2 (I think that's the name maybe fact check it). Basically it can revive the firmware of your macbook pro. However this will wipe your drive if it fails or succeeds. I will link the support post on it in my answer a little later and it will tell you how to do it. You will need your friend's macbook pro and a cable to do this and your friend will need Monterey (For easiest experience).


@np_f1_2021 okay, just tell me what to do, sorry for not responding i missed this message. I have a multimeter to test the voltages and stuff


Oh my, i tried the DFU mode recovery and it worked! Thank you so much!


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