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swapping with IDE-SSD and SATA-BluRay (orig IDE-SupDr and SATA-HD)

I would like to have a BluRay in my Intel Core 2 Duo Mac mini ( mid 2007 = A1176 ).

I could only find one suitable slot-loading BluRay-drive (the Panasonic UJ-225), since the original optical drive is an IDE.

But that one doesn't have as good specs as the newer SATA BluRay-drives.

I was therefore thinking about alternatives.

Since the original HD is SATA and the original optical drive is IDE, I figured it might be possible to cross the wires and use the SATA for the optical drive and the IDE for the HD.

Did anyone try this yet ?

Does anyone know if the motherboard will accept this kind of mod ?

And will there be enough room inside the case to (re)wire the SATA and IDE cables ?

That way I could instal a small IDE SSD for the system-install and have an internal top-notch SATA BluRay drive.

(Additional data like documents, music & photos could be stored on an external FireWire 400 drive.)

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Easy answer: Macs don't do Blu-ray, unless you're willing to run bootcamp.

That being said, if your drive is IDE, switching the connectors won't work unless you decided to do some extensive fancy soldering, as the IDE connector on the back of the optical drive looks like


and the one on the back of an IDE 2.5" hard drive looks like


THAT being said, if you DO have a SATA model, (it looks from a quick google like mid 2007 might be) You could probably just pop in a Blu-ray drive and run bootcamp. Here's what a Sata connector looks like.


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