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The seventh iteration of Apple's iPod Touch, released May 2019. This model comes with up to 256 GB of storage and an A10 processor. Model number A2178.

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Does the iPod touch 5th and 6th screen work on the 7th gen?

I've looked for parts and I can't seem to find them anywhere, I see plenty of sellers selling the 5th and 6th LCD's as they are compatible with each other. But I can't find any for the 7th gen, this got me wondering if the 6th gen is compatible with the 7th gen.

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Yes, using a 5th/6th generation iPod Touch screen should work. As you can see here, the iPod Touch 7th generation is pretty much the same as the 6th generation but with a different battery.

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Thank you for confirming! Just to make sure I have also had this confirmed by a large parts supplier, thanks Andrew.


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