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iPod wont boot. Anyone deal with error 1600?

I just installed a new battery. I dont think i shorted any of the solder points.

I booted the ipod before full assembly and it worked fine. then i put the 8 screen support screws in. now the ipod wont boot. =( i have failed.

here is a website, but i think it is for jailbreak fixes. http://www.letskis.com/how-bypass-itunes...

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1600 is a common number for jail-braikers so you will see a lot of articles like this one that will not relate to your problem. But regardless you may what to try to use the jailbreak tool iReb to put you iPod touch in to a "pwned dfu" mode and try restoring again. iReb only works on windows, pwnage tool will work if you have a mac.

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i had one that pulled a 1600 just replaced the battery worked great

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