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Model A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 or 3.8 GHz Core i5 or 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Processor (ID iMac18,3) / Retina 5K display. Refer to the older iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display (Late 2014 & 2015) guides as the system is very similar.

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Is there a way to fix pink lighting around the border of the display?

Sometimes these machines get an issue where the backlight becomes tinted pink all around the edge or border of the display. This seems to happen commonly after removing and reinstalling the display. I'm guessing it's due to some subtle damage to the display during the removal process. I'm wondering if there is any way to repair this issue. Thanks.

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Can you post some pics so we can see what you are seeing Adding images to an existing question


Hi Dan, I don't have a picture of the computer but it looks almost identical to the image at this link, except in my case there is also ghosting of windows on the display. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/251...


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I've been a tech for whole my life, fixed from TV to dental equipment, MacBook and factory machinery even military equipment etc., say over 35 years my best mate was soldering guns lol yes there is a solution and please do not consider the Hamish solution.

to be true I'm an old timer and enough busy in Auckland / Mt Roskill area so possibly my first or second comment on the web is mainly because lazy or maybe have no time.

but before doing any of these solutions make sure to read all as some hints and cause explain during the solutions.,

you can fix it and more than 90% of the time if not fully fix can be reduced by over 95% not noticeable if you know the cause.

actually, the reason I put this solution is mainly that I've not seen any on the web. so though maybe share the knowledge and experience. but if you are in Auckland / New Zealand you can also bring it to me in the 3KIngs area and I can tell you what kind of pink or purple is you monitor as purple on the edge caused by a few reasons that I don't want to go to details ... BUT if happen you removed LCD and put that back and see pink edges 99% can be fixed and solution below.

like I see some problems here people complain about but in fact is very easy like taking a new MacBook LCD of the LCD case. but regarding the pink edge problem is based on the LG website and technical info about the IPS display. they need to have a shield and that's why there's a glass on top. now around the edge is just where you put the double side tape to fix it to the case, exactly where the inner side of the double tape makes a boundary, there are some plastic bezels or framing stuff. this plastic actually is not only a guide to mount the LCD panel in the right position, is also a kind of seal that blocks the external source of light.

To be quick IPS LCDs due to having spec. like a wider viewing angle and many other reasons need to have that also a black margin on the glass. yea, you are right I'm old and talk a bit much lol

now when you take the panel you maybe cause a tiny fraction of space between the edges of the LCD that happens in that plastic area, even if less than a millimeter gap is created then based physics of the light the light from the edge of glass when passes inside brakes. how it brakes? like when light passes through a prism. or better say that the tiny angle created gets the first band of light which starts by RED color but as it's not a big angle and short distance shows pink.

god, I got tired and if I don't explain well enough you maybe do wrong and cause worse. ok, now there are a few solutions for this. first is sometimes when you use black electric tape and prevent the lights solve the problem. that's the first you do ..

if it did not fix the problem or only reduced it, you need to put the LCD on a flat surface from the glass side, preferably a glass table. before you do that, put a masking take on the edge where the black color is I mean the margin around the viewing area. this causes less than a mil empty spaces in the viewing area. now you can use that UV adhesive or any type of fine liquid glue to glue that plastic on the edge of the top glass. now you have to put a hind of heavy items on the LCD so it presses the LCD toward the glass and eliminates the gap created. how heavy? I put two bags of bbq fat absorbers each was 20liter. don't know the KG as it's not written on the bag. but LCD did not brake.

there are more solutions as well like sometimes if you use acetate tape, as those used in the back LCD in black color on top horizontal will fix but before doing any of these you need to test the LCD to become sure the pink or purple sickness is what we talking about here. how to test? ok when you have the LCD connected and see the pink, try to touch the edge, which means the pink area near the black color of the glass, and while pushing firmly go up and down. if you see pink reduce or increase then you are in the right spot!

ok, another test is if you see you pull the glass firmly toward outside, and see what's happening. if this makes it better could also cause by not fitting the speakers or any other components like the logic board, etc., or even the fan not sitting well. so it causes pressure on LCD and this happens. I say this as some complain this happens while upgrading the SSD on the logic board. anyway, could also be due to case bend. so by examing the pressure test, and rubbing the hands-on edge, you need to find is it pressure or backlight bleeds because of an external source of light etc. Then based on your inspection do the solution. the solution can be padding the LCD where there's pad and foam where are speakers, or where the fan joint to the heatsink, etc., or covering with a black tape, or gluing under pressure from the edge. even super glue can do this.

I know it's odd but believe me, I had this problem and sorted out. still have the faulty unit in my premises and could make the fault happens again and resolve it and post the video but prefer you trust me. I'm sure if you live in NZ and you are a tech possibly know me.

and the last thing, these operations could be dangerous and maybe you brake the glass during pressing and gluing and hope you be a tech. and have the right equipment.

%#*@, I'm tired and don't care what you think about these solutions.


Farhad J

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oh forgot to say if you go with pressure and do excess of pressure could cause the lines on LCD, of course for me I fixed those as well when it cause by myself but normally don't fix the lines unless desperate and expensive LCDs. you just need some polymer same as already under those ribbons and a special soldering tip that looks like a T. A few other precision tools that I"m not going to explain as out of the topic.


Thanks for all of the information, I appreciate it!


This actually made my day. I used duct tape all around the display and it really helped a bit with the pinkish gradient - amazing!


sorry to say - but this didnt work for me.


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You will have to replace the entire display to resolve discoloured backlights. I've seen this usually happens when using things like isopropyl to soften the adhesive or putting a cutting tool in too far in that it hits the panel.

I would recommend only using a tool like this to open up iMacs, I have never had an issue with them and they are perfectly sized so they don't damage the panel.

iMac Opening Wheel

iMac Opening Wheel Изображение


iMac Opening Wheel


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Thanks for the reply! I've opened a lot of these with this tool and most of the time it's fine but every now and then something goes wrong.


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