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8.9" or 10.2" LED-backlit display, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270, released October 29, 2008.

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Replacement LCD screen problem boots up with hp logo barely visible?

Originally, Inverter in HP MIni was bad but the LCD was still fully functional and could use the laptop just the colors were inverted and it got annoying. I decided to replace the LCD! Upon testing the new LCD replacement it would boot with the HP logo barely visible for about 10 seconds then it would turn completely black... I took apart the machine again and before putting it back together I plugged in the old screen and it booted fine! i got the the BIOS settings with out a problem. I sent the item back as defective and got a 2nd LCD replacement screen... but i'm still having the same problem. Does anyone have any insight on this? I'm starting to think that i'm doing something wrong. All tips greatly appreciated.

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Please tell us more about your testing procedures. I am guessing you did not install the original LCD. Rather, had it laying on the table. If such is true, were the colors different than before?


[LCDPROBLEM1] Screen displays inverted colors fully functional [LCDPROBLEM2] upon powering computer the HP logo is displayed in the screen in black and white barely visible then turns off after 10 sec. can not proceed to boot menu [TEST1] I thought the inverted color problem was due to the incorrect video settings in Windows XP, changed to invert settings and it made it worse. I ruled out being a software problem because the boot menu is also inverted.[TEST2] Assembled computer completely with new replacement LCD results=LCDProblem2 [TEST3] took apart computer plugged in the original LCD screen to motherboard, connected keyboard, plugged in power supply and turned computer on to boot as a partial assembly. The system booted pressed f9 to enter bios screen -result=LCDProblem1 [TEST4] repeated Test3 with the new LCD replacement screen -result=LCDProblem2 [TEST5] first replacement LCD was send back deemed defective and I requested a new one, repeated Test3 again with the 2nd new LCD-result=LCDProblem2


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sounds like the LCD backlight isn't working. you may want to check these connections on the motherboard and on the LCD panel for the LED back light.

Also, you may want to connect your old display to see if the problem is reproducible.


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