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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active can be identified by model numbers SM-G892A (AT&T) and SM-G892U (T-Mobile and Sprint) and was released in August 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics as the eighth generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series.

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Daughterboard for model SM-G892U

Hi so my Samsung S8 Active (SM-G892U)(T-Mobile) has a crumpled USB port. The internal pins are all meshed up. It'll charge but seems dangerous considering USB C power and doesn't obviously sit properly.

I am trying to find a daughterboard but everything I can find references the AT&T model number (SM-G892A).

Does this matter, are all the parts interchangeable? I know the daughterboard connects the cell antennas too which makes me worried if it isn't the exact part.

I figure while I'm in there it'll make sense to replace the battery too.

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Paul W yes they do call those Flex, Charging board or Sub boards besides calling it a Daughter board. The previous link looks like it is for the 928A version. FOr the 928U you would need something like this even so I do not like eBay for this.

On your flex cable there are a couple of numbers below the model. Do a search on those numbers and see if you can find other sources for replacement.

Block Image

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Hey Oldturkey really appreciate your response with the clarification and details. You never know what websites to trust for parts(ifixit out of stock) but ebay is good if no other options.

Now I'll need to get some kind of glue to restick the back cover.

Figure I should buy a replacement battery while I'm in there, the phone has been used constantly since 2017.

Great phone so better to repair em at low costs yourself.


@Paul W you are absolutely right. It's open and now is the time to chagne things to make it last another couple of years. As for the glue, I sugest to see if you can use some double sided tape. Tesa is a proven tape for that. Tesa 61395 Tape You definitely want to stay away from any "Crazy Glue" or contact cement ;-)


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Samsung Mobile Repair Parts

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Thanks but this says it is just the flex cable?


@Paul W same thing, not everyone calls it a daughter board, you can clearly see the port in the photo


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