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Released Apr 2008. 7MP camera with 3X Optical Zoom.

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My cam not getting "on" inspite of new batteries

my camera is not getting started inspite of replacing with new batteries. need to know what may be the problem. which part i have to check for and repair or replce for the cam to work as earlier. what is it preventing fron getting my cam on. how should i get it on now.please suggest solution in encountering the problem.

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Sree, Can you tell us what happened to the camera before it stopped working and approximately how old it is?


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Try cleaning the battery contacts. My Canon once refused to start and it was just grime on the battery contact pads.

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the battery contacts are brand new, never used except for recharging.

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that is good, but you are looking at an old question. If you need any help with your device, I suggest to ask your own question. Use this link http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/Ask/Kodak+... and give as much detail as possible.


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