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pulled the whole plug out of board when trying to unplug power

I was trying to evaluate my airport/bluetooth card. I had almost reached my destination when I pulled the whole plug out of the board when trying to unplug blue/whiite power cable to remove front panel. I read a similar pitfall in the comments of another user. He soldered it back on. How do I do this. My son has an electronics soldering kit.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated : )


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Hi Ann and welcome to iFixit Answers.

First, concerning your airport/bluethoot problem: the iBook G4 12" 1.33GHz model has a well documented problem with the airport/bluethoot slot on the logic board causing wireless\bluethoot failures, kernel panick events and airport/bluethoot card reported "uninstalled" by the computer. The problem is caused by a malfunction of the slot where the card is connected to the logicboard. The only solution is to take off the card and restore the wireless function with a USB wireless dongle (or replace the logic board = costly solution). You may try to take off the card and reinstall it then test the machine with the top case open doing an intensive job like playing animations in iTunes. If the wireless still works and the machine doesn't freeze or kernel panicks after a while then you should be OK otherwise take off the airport card, close the top case and use a USB wireless dongle.

Second: when you separated the iBook top case from the bottom case you desoldered the fragile power switch connector (small plug with blue and white wires) from the logic board. To restore the iBook electrical startup function those two wires must be soldered back to the logic board. It's almost impossible to solder the plastic connector cause the two solder points are under the connector but pretty easy to solder the two wires directly to the logic board. You can see the connector two contacts location on the logic board where the blue and white wires must be soldered. It's micro soldering stuff so ask a tech to do it for you and you'll save the price of a logic board.

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Thank you so much for a very complete answer. My son looked at the computer and didn't feel that soldering the plastic part back on was realistic. I didn't realize there was another option! Do you have any sense of what I would expect to pay to have the procedure done? Where should I take it? Do you think they would help me at the Genius bar?


No Apple will not do this repair. They don't repair logic board on component level, only replace it, too costly for you if out of warranty. Try to find an electronic shop like a place where they repair TVs. It's a ten minutes job if the iBook is already open. Make sure to have the small connector still attached to the blue & white wires and show the tech where it was soldered on the logic board. The tech will then be able to determine exactly where he has to perfom the two solders. Each wire needs to be soldered on a specific solder joint. If you want you can ask him to install a connector between the logic board and the top case so you'll be able to separate the two parts otherwise the top case will now be attached to the logic board via the wires.


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Again, thanks so much for your help. Will the tech be able to perform this procedure while the logic board is attached or do I now have to remove the logic board, too. Although I placed the screws etc.... in numbered envelopes to facilitate reassembly, I am getting overwhelmed by the number of steps! When you mentioned attaching a connector, would that be of a different type than the existing one ie. would he be replacing both ends of the original connector with something else?

I've been working on my son's financial aid applications non-stop for the past two days and haven't had a chance to check for your response.

All of the help you have given gives me hope that I can save this little laptop.......I

can't thank you enough!



You don't need to take off the logic board. Just bring the iBook to the tech with the top case open (also bring the top case and the AC adapter). The tech could use any kind of mini connector for this job. It would give you the possibility to completely separate the top case from the bottom case. It would be important to protect the welding job on the logic board buy attaching the two wires somewhere in the case before the new connector and apply a non conductive glue (hot glue) on the two soldered wires contact points on the logic board. Don't worry a skilled tech knows about this technical stuff...but you may print this page and bring it with you...just in case...


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Are you talking about this part?

[связанный продукт отсутствует или отключен: IF183-030]

Would you look at this teardown and help identify what has happened. iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz AirPort/Bluetooth Board Replacement

There should be no soldering needed but if it's what I'm thinking of, it shouyld have been secured by screws. Has someone else been in this computer before?

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step 26 in the approach to the airport/bluetooth

I took the comp to the genius bar today and they said diagnostics revealed malfunction of the wireless. I had an easy time replacing the

dc-in but must have dislodged or caused damage to the airport/bluetooth.


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