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4-дюймовый iPhone выпущенный в марте 2016 года на той же самой платформе, что и 6s. Доступен в серебристом, сером, золотом и розовом цветах с 16/64 Гб памяти. Модели A1662 и A1723.

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Have a small part left over, what is it and where does it go?

Block Image

This is a tiny little metal shield or something like that, about 5mm long and 2mm wide maybe. It is shown in one of the tiny screwdriver bit slots in the plastic tray that the tools come in, if that helps. Sorry about the crappy phone photo that I took with a clip-on close-up lens.

The part came out of the phone somehow while I was doing the battery replacement procedure and trying to get the phone apart. I've now changed the battery and am putting the phone back together, so need to know what to do with this part. Thanks ;). Paul

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It is the shield for the home button connector. You can see it on step 9 of the ifixit guide.

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Thanks! I guess I must have taken it out per the instructions but don't remember doing so, just finding that I still had it. That pic at step 9 helped a lot.


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Home button cable clip.

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