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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Where is the speaker located?


I am in Japan and this site has a lot of solutions and my iPod now works well, thank you and thank for iFixit!

My question is, the tytle.

As you know, "Click sound" comes from iPod so iPod has an internal speaker to make "Click sound".

I 'd like to know where is the spreaker located?

On board? or Click wheel?

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Dear Mr.Oldturky03;

"A piezo speaker" is monted on a logic board?


I believe it is one of the four crystals on the logic board. Do not expect a "normal " speaker"


Many thanks, Mr. Oldturley03.

I recognaize the click sound comes from logic board, and my daily use, there is no need for click sound.

I have to say many thanks for you and iFixit.com.

Great site have I ever seen!!!

I will use my iPod as long as it going on.

Thank you, and I never forget your kindly advice.

If you had not answered, my iPod would not be worked.

Very great site! and one more time,

Thank you.


Tsutomu Niimi, thank you for your kind words. All the best to you.


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Tsutomu Niimi, it is not a regular speaker, but a piezo.

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Dear Mr.oldturkey03 and ifixit.com all menbers;

My iPod now works completely, if there was no site, my iPod would be scraped.

I am very happy and I want to say this is the No.1 site on the world!

Merry Christs Mas, and hope this site as well as going for many persons for

all of iPod users!

Thank you, thanks a lot.

If someone will come from Japan, please contact me.

I never forget all of this site!



You are very welcome and a Merry Christmas to you....:-)


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