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4-дюймовый iPhone выпущенный в марте 2016 года на той же самой платформе, что и 6s. Доступен в серебристом, сером, золотом и розовом цветах с 16/64 Гб памяти. Модели A1662 и A1723.

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completed battery replacement, touch screen & home button don't work

I completed the battery replacement per the guide, including plugging the little internal cables back in which was rather finicky. I have not yet snapped the case back together, since opening it was such a pain, but I tried powering up the phone. Results:

  • Power-up button doesn't seem to do anything by itself, even after holding it in for a while
  • Connecting power bank to lightning port lights up phone, shows monochrome apple logo, that goes out and comes back on about 5 times before booting phone. Phone eventually turns on and says battery is charged to 100%. This battery was purchased new from ifixit about a year ago and i haven't really recharged it, so I doubt it is actually at 100%.
  • Phone eventually comes up enough to request unlock code (it's not my phone and I don't know the code, but the owner is around and can enter it if necessary). However, entering digits on the screen seems to have no response at all (buttons temporarily lighting or whatever) so it seems like the touch screen isn't working. The home key similarly also does nothing.
  • I tried unplugging and reseating the home key button, no change. Doing that with the touch screen button will require re-disassembly of the phone (the 4 different tiny screws holding the cable shield on) so I haven't tried that yet, but can do so if necessary.

I'm not an Apple user so don't really know how an SE (or other iPhone) is supposed to react on powerup, so maybe some of this is normal.

I still have the power bank connected to the lightning port but the leds on the power bank were off,. indicating no current being transferred. Turning it on by pressing the button lit the screen again. The screen times out (goes dark) after a while, and pressing the power button on top of the phone does turn it back on.

Does this sound like an error reconnecting the internal cables? The display itself seems to show stuff properly so that reconnection worked.

All suggestions appreciated--thanks.

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It is normal for the phone to boot when inserting the lightning cable. Your problems are most likely the screen and home button connectors. Remove the screen connectors and reseat them be extra careful with the home button connector and flex.

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Thanks, I did reseat the home button cable without any difference, but will try again. The touch screen cable is under that shield with the 4 screws right? I guess I can take that off again.

Right next to the home button cable there is a tiny (like 1mm wide) round coax-like connector that might be an rf connector, and a cable that plus into it. That came loose and I plugged it back in (finicky operation with tweezers). Any idea what that is, and could it be related? It's late here now (California) so I will get some sleep before disassembling the phone again. I guess this stuff gets easier as you do it more.


@u26c2 That round coax is for the cell reception. It will have nothing to do with your issue.


Ok, update, after getting back to it the charge indicator said near 0%, so I think it was confused after the battery swap and said 100% even when the battery was discharged. I charged it up for a couple of hours and now the power key works. Battery indicator is 89% which sounds reasonable. I unplugged and replugged the home key connector at least 4 times (including putting the little clip back on some of the times) with no luck. Inspection of the cable and connectors with a magnifier doesn't show any probs with them.

Does the home button working somehow depend on the touch screen working? I haven't yet attempted to re-do the touch screen connector because that means digging back into the phone (tiny screws and cables) so I thought I'd work on the "easier" home key cable first.

Thanks as usual.


@u26c2 I would sort the touch screen out first but I am not sure that will have anything to do with the home button not working although it could if the touch connector was shorted to ground due to miss alignment.

The home button on this model shares the charge port connector on the logic board so I would make sure that is seated properly.


Ok, I will probably try to get some sleep before doing the touch screen again, but will do it when I'm able. It looks like the touch screen connector is the biggest of the 3 connectors at the top of the phone. I'll look at the charge port connector too, though as mentioned I was able to charge up the phone successfully. IIRC the touch screen connector used part of the case back as a stop to make it easy to align, but of course I'll check carefully. I did worry about misalignment for the home key connector. What an operation this is turning out to be. But I'm getting more comfortable working inside the phone.


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