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The Wii Remote is the original, primary controller for the Nintendo Wii game console released November 19, 2006. The model number for the original Wii Remote is RVL- 003.

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Wiimote blinks once then turns off.

One day my Wiimote broke and now when I press the power button (or any other button really) all four LEDs just blink once and then the Wiimote turns off again. Is this fixable? And if yes, how so?

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have you checked the batteries?

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You might have to re-sync the remote to your console. You can do this by pressing and holding the red sync button that is inside the front flap of the console. Hold it for about 15 seconds, then let go. Then you need to press the sync button under the battery cover on the remote. After this, press the sync button on the console. Hope this helps!

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