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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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After cleaning, back fan spinning on 100%

Hi everyone,

After I completely disassemble my Mac - even board was out, so no dust at all and new thermal paste, when I put everything together my bottom back fan (just behind RAM’s) spinning on 100%. A check if is everything connected and I can see any issue.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot

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So I just disassemble everything again and put together and still same problem :( so have no idea where can be issue. Also it's not only rear fan but all fans running on 100% but the rear one is louder.

When I turn on Mac it's only VGA fan what start at 100% then going in normal speed and few second after all other fan's going slowly faster to max.



Fans run at high speed (computer may shut down or may just hang and not shut down as a result)

Check for proper ventilation around the exterior of the computer.

1. If the system is operating normally except for all fans running at full speed, try resetting the SMC.

If the system appears to be hung (unresponsive), then it’s normal behavior for all fans to ramp to full speed. In this case, troubleshoot any possible operating system, RAM, processor, logic board, and power supply issues, in that order.

Remove the computer’s side access panel and observe the diagnostic LEDs, specifically LED 4. 5 and LED 6 (the CPU A and B Overtemp LEDs). If either LED is flashing, it may indicate an initial processor over-temperature condition. If either LED is solidly on, it may indicate a chronic processor over temperature condition. (we know it probably wont in your case but it's always good to check.

Verify proper processor heat sink installation

Verify all thermal sensors and their cables are properly connected, especially the ambient temperature sensor board.

Verify all fans are operating properly and are unobstructed, especially the front intake fan.

Verify that the proper type of memory is installed.

Replace power supply.


@oldturkey03 everything GOOD :(, I even take all parts out and put it back AGAIN included main board, PSU .... everything ... check every cable and connection ... no luck ... :(


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I had this issue with one of my Macs and it was dust stuck in one of the fan connectors

So my advise would be to reseat the connectors and blow into them to remove any small dust particles

Hopefully this answers your questions


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Thanks for idea, unfortunately already tried and this is not the issue.


Ahh I see

Il try and think of something else


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I would run the diagnostics from the original grey disk for this system or down load it from Hardware Test (AHT) & Apple Service Diagnostic (ASD) disks as Apple so kindly removed all of the old T/N's and software from their site.

Thank Apple for forgetting all of the older systems still in service!

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@danj thanks a lot will check


@danj try to download, but need and account and donation ... so no way for me :(

thanks anyway


@roboscrap - Some independent shops will have the needed CD (or setup a bootable FireWire drive)


@danj unfortunately I am 100% that I don’t have any shop around me where I can get it :( But thanks for idea :)


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