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Screen randomly will turn white with random colors in different places

I accidentally broke my iPod screen. It doesn't look good. It will randomly work and then it work. I was wondering whether anyone knew why this happens. Why it randomly starts working and then it doesn't. I could not find my iPod so I have no picture of it.



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It randomly starts working and then it doesn't because you broke your iPod's screen in such a way that there's now a damaged circuit that randomly connects and shorts.

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Maybe, but the screen doesn't turn off, it just turns white with weird black things at the top where it's broken.


Yes. Same answer applies.


@diode_cool it sounds to me like what is being said here is that you need to replace your display to fix this.


@oldturkey03 Yeah... I tried to take it apart without using the right tools and it made it worse. Mistake on my part.


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