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Apple released the slimmed-down, buffed up iPad Air on November 1, 2013 in a choice of Space Gray or Silver. It packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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Ipad restart loop after replacing parts.

I have an Ipad Air and i have fitted a new battery and digitiser for it. I decided to do a test of the ipad to see if the new battery and digitiser worked and while the ipad does turn on, it turns off shortly if I drop it from a small height of around a cm or so. It does not do this if i apply pressure to where the LED connector and digitiser connector shield is, is this a result of improperly fitting something or do I simply need to apply the digitiser adhesive and seal the iPad once and for all since that might apply enough pressure across the entire LED? It also gets stuck in a restart loop from time to time.

I also understand that the Ipad can turn itself off if something comes out of its place leading me to believe that the battery might somehow also be improperly fitted?

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Just because of the "turn off after a small bump" issue I'm going to say that the battery and/or logic board are not fully in place. Bumping as you describe would shift the electrode contact just enough to turn the unit off and on again. Your application of pressure near the location would also go with that.

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Would seem that leaving it fully untouched for a couple of minutes also sends it into a restart loop now, not sure what it could be


Might be heat-related, if it was off _just_ enough that contact was lost when heat expansion took place.


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