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The W123 chassis covers 240D's, 300D's, 300TD's, 280E's, and several other models of Mercedes coupes, sedans and wagons from model years 1977 to 1985.

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W123 m115 200 petrol - oil leak from distributor

Hi hope all is well

I have an oil leak when driving from the base of the distributor I changed the o ring last year but have been told the shaft doesn’t actually need an o ring

Any ideas of clarification

link to picture of where it’s leaking the shaft and Bosch diagram


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image

Thanks in advance

Update (05/30/2022)

Update : looks like it’s leaking from the distributor shaft housing

Looks like there is an o ring there, didn’t know housing had an o ring? also I tried to undo the bolt but couldn’t crack it open is it ok to give it a strongman torque on it?


Block Image

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@jonpasco the bolt that clamps the distributor in the shaft? Should be okay but not sure why it has seized. Should be a normal through the hole bolt. Don't strip it ;-)


It’s the housing one that goes into the block. (Where the dizzy sits into) Will try and keep my strong man skills to a minimum thanks for the tips @oldturkey03


Ok after changing the o ring it’s still leaking but from the base where the shaft is mounted on the block. Mmmm baffled checked oil levels all fine checked breather hose incase of pressure etc all clear…

Mmm any other suggestions?


@jonpasco time to dig down deeper. Let's see if the engine manual shows if there is an O-ring on that "tube" I would not be surprised if there was or at least a gasket. You getting into some heavy teardown :-) Just to verify, it is a M115 200 engine correct? You got a model year? Just to make sure.....


Always an adventure! Yes that’s it M115 200 123.020 1979

Can’t see anything in the manuals about a gasket on the housing bracket.


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@jonpasco Yes, you will need that O-ring. Without it you will get a leak exactly where it shows on yours. So I recommend to get a proper kit and replace it once more.

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So just the o-ring in the middle?

Cool will order it and change it one I ordered was quite thick and I couldn’t get the shaft back in. Will make sure it’s the correct one. Thanks


@jonpasco the one in the middle for sure. Anything else I would just see what it looks like when you work on it. Best of luck to you and keep those Daimlers alive. Loved my 250C :-)


Thanks mate will do, trying my best to keep her going. Ah good times


Hello, i drive a w115 1976 i have been getting the same leak for year without any luck to solve it. Please advise what i should check


@paballolif71687 Did you replace the O-ring on the distributor shaft?


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