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The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX80 is one of the world's smallest compact digital camera with a 30x zoom lens. It was released in 2016 by electronics company Sony.

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D-Pad wheel acts jittery and overly sensitive

My Sony DSC-HX60 (it wasn't in the list so I choose the most similar model) d-pad/jog wheel works overly sensitive and jittery.

Even when every so slightly touching the moveable ring on the jog wheel (the ring to scroll through the menu and adjusting options), the in-menu selection indicator jitters and jumps around. I cannot use the wheel and the center button precisely.

I have removed the back of the camera and cleaned the PCB and the jog wheel with a Q-tip. It had a lot of dust around the jog wheel.

After reassembling the back of the camera, it worked for a few operations but then became jittery again. Just resting my thumb very lightly on the jog wheel feels almost like touching a very sensitive touch screen.

What is the reason the buttons under d-pads/jog wheels/flat PCB buttons start to act weird?

What is the general best practice to fix it?

I have read about cleaning misbehaving d-pads with
a) isopropyl (why not ethanol?)
b) applying graphite on or under the soldered flat buttons. Guess this only works when the buttons are replaceable or if the buttons are rubber pressing on a PCB trace, that close a circuit then.

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@ianmcmill a) you can use ethanol but Isopropyl alcohol compared to ethanol evaporates quickly, leaves almost on oily traces. That is way it is widely used for cleaning specially for area with oily traces (i.e. finger prints etc.). Isopropyl alcohol may also be easier to obtain ;-)

Now that was the easy part. Let's see if we can find out what to do about the bad D-wheel.....


Thanks for the explanation.

I used some alcohol cleaning solution for telescope lenses. Should be sufficient enough.

Now that cleaning under the jog dial helped a little. I removed the back plate and the pcb with which contains the buttons completely from the camera. The ribbon cable looks intact. From the controller pcb I unclipped the plastic jog wheel so I could access the contacts beneath it. Cleaned it with alcohol and connected the board back. Without putting the back cover back on I tried the buttons and the jog wheel. Everything worked A-okay.

Then I put the back cover back on and the jog wheel started to act weird again, and the selection in the menus jumped around like crazy. There are metal sheet plantings I side the back cover. They look like they should. Nothing bent, nothing corroded. But I think it must have something to do with the back plate. Some kind of short or such thing.

Any ideas?


I have a DSC-HX90, similar problem. I found on mine, that it depends on the jog wheel position... if it's jittery where barely touching it makes the scroll menu jump around, I can then rotate one detent, and it will be fine. Rotate another detent and it's jittery again. I haven't taken it apart yet, but it seems there is probably a quadrature opto, with teeth on the wheel (similar to scroll wheels on computer mice), that are probably a bit out of alignment with the wheel detents, so it's resting on a quadrature boundary, causing jitter. Just a guess. But would explain why cleaning doesn't help. I'll take mine apart soon and take a look at the mechanism.


I had the wheel removed from the board. Yes, it's a quadrature opto (that sounds reasonable, or some kind of rotary switch?).

There are two different teeth. Those with hooks that hold the wheel and those who have no hook. Therefore the wheel can only be clipped in this one specific WA,.

The solution could to replace the plastic wheel because maybe a teeth did crack (but then the teeth must have been cracked when fully assembled in the first place) OR replace the full quadrature opto. Where can I get such a part? Tried to auction a broke Hx60 on ebay but someone else was willing to pay more than 20€ on that camera.


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I would replace the part

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