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Can battery cause MBP 15" mid 2010 to NOT boot up WITH power cord?

Somebody handed down a Macbook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 to me. This machine has not been used for more than TWO YEARS.

It didn't have a power cable so I brought it to the Apple store. At the Apple store, it powered up and it got all the way to the login screen. So I bought the power cable.

But when I got home, it would not turn on anymore. So I did some research and tried all the potential solutions I could find online. Here are the things I've tried:

  1. Power cycle
    Unplug power
    Press power button 10 secs
    Reconnect power, while still pressing down power button for another 10 secs
    Release power button, then press it again.
  2. Reset NVRAM
    While power cord is attached, simultaneously press Cmd, Option, P, R
    Wait for it to turn on. It never turned on, so I could not even do the next steps, which is to...
    Release keys when you hear the "reboot chime"
  3. Reset SMC
    Unplug, then connect power
    Simultaneously press Shift, Ctrl, Option/Alt, power button
    Release all button at the same time
    IF power button flickers, it indicates SMC has been reset (it never flickered)

I tried each of these 5 or six times, but none of these worked.

But I also found out that the "no boot up" could be resolved by removing the battery.

I didn't have a proper tool kit for all the different types of screws, so I bought the iFixIt Mako set (because I needed it for other laptops anyway) and once I removed then reconnected the battery, IT POWERED UP. So far, so good.

INITIALLY, the MacOS Battery Health Information showed:

Cycle Count: 334
Condition: Normal

I failed to note down the initial State of Charge (%), but it must have been really low because it took several hours (probably more than 4 hours) to charge.

In any case, this looked like good news, so I installed MacOS 10.13.6, which is the latest supported version for this specific hardware. After the OS upgrade, I started to put some load into it by running the initial network sync of a Bitcoin Full Node, and everything runs fine.

But then every time I shutdown the machine, it would NOT turn on again, even after I do the 3 things I mentioned above (power cycle, reset NVRAM & SMC). The ONLY thing that fixes the problem is if I disconnect then reconnect the battery.

At one time, MacOS reported the battery condition as needing service, so I thought that maybe, because the machine has not been used for more than TWO years and the fact that the State of Charge during this long period is unknown, then maybe the battery is now bad and need to be replaced.

But then I saw this "needing service" Battery Condition only once, and I have disconnected/reconnected the battery several times, and the Battery Condition has been reported as normal ever since. I also tried charging to 100% and then draining it all the way until it turns off by itself; and I did it several times.

The battery cycle count is now 340, and it is showing as normal, but the machine just won't power up after it is shut down, even if the power cable is connected. It is only when I disconnect/reconnect the battery that it powers up. It is impractical to keep on disconnecting/reconnecting the battery every time I power off the machine, so now I'm just running it without the battery.

I don't mind buying a new battery if this really fixes the problem, but I also don't want to spend unnecessary money if it does not.

Is there a way to know for sure?

Another question I have is this: What should be the normal behaviour of this machine if the battery is needing service or even totally dead? Shouldn't the machine still function even if the battery is totally dead, as long as the power cord is connected?

Thanks in advance.

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You have two elements which wear a battery: Age & Cycles

While your cycle count is low, the age of the battery is quite old! So you do need a new battery for sure! As to why you are encountering needing to disconnect your battery its related to the systems SMC seeing a condition which is not safe to run. It sets a latch to prevent booting up the next time in this series. Basically you're hitting the commuter on its noggin giving it a case of amnesia, until it removable the reason! Which it did tell you Battery needing service.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2010) Battery

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2010) Battery Изображение


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2010) Battery


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Hello Dan,

Thank you very much for the very fast response! I was just telling myself that the problem is almost like tripping a circuit breaker and that disconnecting/reconnecting the battery is what "flicks" the circuit breaker back on, so your explanation about the SMC seeing an unsafe condition makes perfect sense.

A follow-up question, though: shouldn't the reset SMC procedure (#3 in my initial post) fix the problem without the need to disconnect/reconnect the battery?

Thanks again, Dan. I really appreciate all your help on this.


@borjun - Removing power is the only way with this one case.


Thanks, Dan. So off to battery shopping I go.


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