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new battery - phone shuts itself off at 50%

I received a new display and battery for my iPhone 8plus from the iFixit store and installed both yesterday.
I am really happy about the display but I do have an issue with the battery:
I am unable to calibrate it, because after recharging it to 100% and letting it drain, the phone turned itself off at 50%.
I connected it back on charge and it showed 50% battery.
I tried again, and again at 50% the phone turned off, but this time restart it showed a 14% battery charge, although usage shows 50%

Don't really know how to make it work.

Screenshot1: first attempt: Phone turned itself off at 50%

Block Image

Screenshot2: second attempt: turned itself off at 50%, then on restart shows 11% battery

Block Image

Update (06/01/2022)

The screen has been broken for a while now and my original battery was kind of wearing off so I decided to change both.

No drops and then battery doesn’t get specifically hot (normally when recharging)

Was a pretty standard swap, I suppose

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If your phone wasn’t shutting down at 50% with the old battery but is with the new one than it could be that the battery you purchased is faulty. But first I would check that the battery connector is seated properly. There is also some components on the logic board around the battery connector that if nudged can cause problems with the battery data but this usually results in boot looping and no battery data. I would return the battery for a replacement one.

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That’s what I was concerned with. I actually reset all settings and the battery level jumped down from 65% down to 11%. I’m draining it now fully and will attempt at calibrating again. I’ll keep you posted


@bob_morden There is a program we use called 3uTools it is free software for a PC and will give you information on the battery status. Even if the battery is not calibrated it shouldn’t be shutting down.


Thanks, that’s a good tip! I unfortunately have a Mac, but my work laptop is a PC. If this calibration also fails I’ll take a look at that software. @imicrosoldering


Second attempt at calibration failed as well, but differently… it jumped down (75 to 40%) and up during recharge (60 to 100%).

I got in touch with ifixit support and will get a replacement battery. Hopefully that’ll solve the issue


Quick followup: fixit sent a new battery and I swapped it. It's been ok since so it was definitely a bad one.


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i need more info does ur phone get hot or did u drop it? I mean u could just have a bad battery or damaged hardware such as a bad port a bad bypass chip or even could be the screen is not meant for it and was a manufactures error

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or u dont have the right hardware


I bought both items on the ifixit site so I assume it was the correct hardware @hay yew


alright well are the voltages the same on the screens and the battery and are indead the same u can check by looking at the emmid number located on the back of the product by a barcode or qr and it will tell u if it is the same


u may just have to factory reset but I know most people don't want to but it sometimes happens or than again u Mit just need to update Ur device over all it sounds like a power draining or bad battery Isshu idk i cant tell u with 100% Cuz i dont have it to test it but u can test it with a fluke "Fluke Digital Multimeters" to test the battery


To check it would require to reopen the phone, but are you saying the battery sent by ifixit was the wrong voltage? It can’t be anything else?@hay yew


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