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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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need to know the value of some components

Hello everyone i need to know the value of R9C30 plz and R9D3 help

Block Image

Block Image

those should be ground from both sides? that's not right and i cant find the trace fo those

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Charbel Karam post some pictures showing the location on the board. It'll make everybody's job easier instead of having to search for it. Adding images to an existing question


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Block Image

From left :

-36,5 Ohm

-0,4 Ohm

-10 Ohm


@freebaze so about this small capacitors C9D18 it should be graunded on both sides. I know it's strange, but im still learing how this all electronics things works. I guess it is just small capacity and small rezistance capactior so it 'beebs' on both sides. However one side should has higher(about 1-2ohms) resitance.

Second thing. There is this little resistor with very small resitance and it's something like test point so u can test your mosfets by putting your probes like in this proffesional image :P.

Block Image

You should see on your multimeter (IN DIODE TEST MODE) something around 0.6-0.7. It means your big mosfet is ok.

And remind me, how is your xbox now? I mean is it still turning on for 5 sec?

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@werfex thanks dude appreciate it


So can i buy a 0.4 ohm resistor can't find it online 🙄


@freebaze That's the tricky point. Im pretty sure that it's actually 0 ohm resistor.

Here's why companies are using them :

"Using zero ohm resistors reduce the cost of jumper wires insertion. For mass production, it's important to keep the cost down. Using an additional machine for jumper wires results in a separate setup and process cost. Therefore, a zero-ohm resistor is the perfect alternative that saves cost and time in assembly." - some random site after searching 'why are there 0 ohm resistors'.

You can maybe use just wire instead.

Good Luck and ask if need help


Ok man thanks for the good info


So i did everything for this xbox and still didn't turn on still beeps on and off so fast no short on 12 volt rail mosfets checked and changed one, changed power ic so now what it's the rams? Is there a way to know if the rams are okay or not and the weird thing (i guess) the apu is not getting hot at all when i try to turn the console on any advices?


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