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Released April 2019, identified by model numbers SM-A205F/DS, G, G/DS, GN, GN/DS, U, U1, W, YN.

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My phone is not charging or turning on

how do l fix it. l really need your help really fast

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sean takarova you worked so fast on this that you did not tell us which version your A20 is. There are difference within those versions.

SM-A205F/DS, SM-A205FN/DS (Global); SM-A205U (USA); SM-A205GN/DS (Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan), SM-A205YN (Australia, New Zealand), SM-A205G/DS (LATAM/Brazil), SM-A205W (Canada)


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Sean takarova besides checking your charger, your charging cable and your charging port, let us know what else you checked. It is possible that you have a failed sub board. To make sure, check the flowchart and see where it guides you.

Block Image

Use your PDF readers search function to find the components listed on the flowchart, in this [SM A205FN SVC board layout. I selected the A-205FN since you did not tell us which version your phone is.

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