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Revive my old MacBook Pro

I'm trying to revive my old mid-2010 MacbookPro. My current system is running Monterey and it won't let me install the Yosemite installer. Any suggestions on how I can install the OS?


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Sadly, you need to create a bootable OS installer drive as the drives format was altered from HFS+ to APFS when you upgraded your system so the drive can't be brought back to the older file system without a full reformat and partition.


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The Internet Archive has old MacOS versions here.

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@rarson - Here's a safer place! How to get old versions of macOS directly from Apple and free!


The Apple version needs to be installed and that doesn't with my current MacOS. Can I place the iso file directly on a USB key and it will install itself on the old Macbook Pro. The HD on the Macbook appears to have been completely reformatted. I don't remember how.


@malary I wouldn't use the ISOs because it's easier to do it with the regular installer files if you're creating it using a Mac. Use Dan's link to download the Yosemite installer and then you can use a program called Install Disk Creator to create the bootable USB drive. I use this program when creating bootable installers because it's a lot easier than doing it the manual way.

Link for the program is here: https://macdaddy.io/install-disk-creator...


@rarson My issue is that my mac mini is Monterey and when I click the .dmg file it says it can be installed on my system. I must be missing a bunch of steps. Is there a video r step by step instructions on how to get to where I have a USB key that I can boot the old Macbook Pro. ... Thanks


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