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Stylus for the iPad Pro (3rd Generation) featuring gesture controls and magnetic attachment and charging. Launched November 2018. Model A2051.

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How can I remove the tip that’s snapped off on the inside?

I dropped my Apple Pencil a few days ago and the tip snapped off. I ordered some new tips and I tried to screw one in with no luck. I looked it up and a piece of the broken tip might still be inside the Pencil. How can I get this out?

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First of all I must say I am sorry to here of this unfortunate event but not to worry as we can fix this!

There is the bottom part of this Tip still inside

Here how to get it out!

My advise would be to get a sewing needle and start scraping away a little of the plastic (on the bit stuck inside)to create a little slope in the bit that’s stuck inside just until you can turn it out

Hopefully this helps but if it doesn’t comment on my answer and il help you get back on with drawing with your Apple Pencil!


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Thanks for letting me know

I had no idea!

Thanks again:-)


Il give it my best shot!



Hey I got mine out by using the broken tip. I slid it over the metallic transducer, till it meshed with the broken bit, then unscrewed it (anti-clockwise looking at the pointy end) with some light pressure. Your mileage may vary depending on the shape of the break though. Good luck everyone!


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I didn’t know this was a thing till it happened to me! So I took a pin and made a small hole in the stuck hub of the tip till the pin was and then started rotating the stuck part counter-clockwise till it came up. The gave the pen a shake and it popped out. Thank you for the solution!

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Omg this is what has happened to me and why I’m here. I’m so glad I’m not the only one this has happened to. I’m giving this advice a try now. I hope it works.

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