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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Keyboard and track pad not working after clorox wipe

I managed to take care of my old macbook really well over the years, but messed up and used a very wet clorox wipe, I quickly tried to wipe it off and it seemed fine. Closed the laptop, arrived hours later to find it hot to the touch. Opened it up, keyboard and track pad won't work at all. Power button works, it charges fine, screen is fine and when I hook up an external keyboard and mouse it also works. But from the sounds of it, does it sound like the keyboard and trackpad needs to be changed, or is it some wire that connects both? So long as there's no soldering, think I should be fine to do it myself (any tips on not blowing out the back light appreciated). Please and thank you.

Edit: Also the fan is going at it pretty loudly.

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In your Air model the keyboard cable goes through the trackpad, thus if you're lucky, so to say, replacing the trackpad and connecting cable may do the trick. Unfortunately liquids have a nasty habit to get anywhere and a small drop can make a big mess anywhere randomly. However, unless you want to undertake a complete disassembly for inspection and cleaning of your Mac, trackpad replacement would be the first try and error reasonable step.

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@arbaman ill give this a try thanks! Hopefully it works, but if it doesn’t, does that mean the whole keyboard needs to be replaced as well? Any other key things I should look out for?


@goobergoober Well, yes, that's of course a possibility. A keyboard damage cannot be ruled out, if liquid got all the way to drip under the trackpad, anything may be. In case trackpad doesn't solve the issues a topcase replacement would be in order, replacing just the keyboard is feasable but troublesome and wouldn't make much sense with 2nd hand topcase prices of today.

Repairing without spare parts at hand is always a try and error exercise. Start with trackpad+cable and cross your fingers, if you still need help just come back here and update. Good luck !


@arbaman Okay, last question, might be a dumb question, can I clean the back of the trackpad alone with iso propyl 99 and just replace the cable?


@goobergoober Not a dumb question, but it's somewhat unlikely the liquid damaged the cable but left the trackpad where the cable fits untouched. A cable is just a cable and it's insulated, unless liquid touches the ends where copper traces are exposed it wouldn't bother a drop of liquid. But you can surely inspect, try cleaning things with IPA and reassess and replace things one by one. As I said, it's a try an error, it depends on personal approach and need to have the Mac working.


@arbaman replaced just the cable and cleaned around the trackpad with isopropyl alcohol 99, and it worked! Thanks so much!


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