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Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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My Psp Go does'nt turn on

My Psp go doesn't turn on. earlier the greem light ws flashing for abt 5 sec wid a blank screen bt nw its nt even flashing. Orange light flashes as soon as i put it on charging only. No green light . nd it's nt even charging on USB. plzzz help


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Blown Fuse maybe?


^^ Fuses for PSP GO.

The one on the right is for Audio - so the one *under* the metal shielding may well be your power Fuse. I would suggest testing with a multimeter to confirm.

If you are going to bridge it then a Circuit Writer pen is the easiest - just practice on something other than the psp so you get used to the flow.

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I got my fuse checked ..its fine.


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