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Guides and repair information for Electrolux vacuums.

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Electrolux Ergorapido EER89IBM brush roller doesn't spin

Hi all,

I have an electrolux Ergorapido EER89IBM, and the brush roller doesn't spin. There was a period where it spins for about a minute before stopping, and it will spin again if I switch the vacuum off then on again. Now it won't spin at all. The vacuum itself works fine, but since the roller doesn't spin it doesn't collect dust properly.

I'm thinking of replacing the motor in the nozzle since it might be damaged, but I have no idea how to disassemble the nozzle head. Does anyone have any guide on how to replace the motor?

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@aprabaswara check this great video at around 23min. I suggest you look at all of it since it pretty much goes through a total teardown.

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Thanks for the video! Unfortunately it looks like Electrolux changed the nozzle head's design, so the assembly in my unit is quite different from the one in the video.


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