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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Released October 15th, 2020. Model Number: GD1YQ, GTT9Q

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Where to find an original screen replacement for Pixel 5a 5G?


I've been trying to get an original replacement screen for a Google Pixel 5a 5G. I see there are some parts for sale on ebay, from USA, China and Australia, but I'm not sure how to make the difference between the original parts and fakes. Do you have any tips? Maybe you can recommend parts sellers (not necessarily on ebay) which you know only sell originals, including the screen for this device?

It'd be really great if they shipped to Europe too.


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not sure if this is the 1 your looking for, https://shop.headlane.co.uk/shop/product...

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Thanks @tech_ni ! That looks like the part I need. How can I know if such a part is original, though?


@jbkrieg as far as i know headlane only sell genuine parts, i have used them before and parts have been genuine


@jbkrieg look at the manufacturer also it says google


Thank you, @tech_ni !


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