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Seventh generation of iPad, released September 25, 2019, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2197.

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Can faulty iPad damage LCD panel

Hi, I have purchased a non functioning iPad for parts, as I wanted the LCD panel and digitiser and was told the LCD was still good.

After removing these and going to install in another iPad I discovered the LCD was completely dead. This was a little annoying, but I am now wondering if the iPad is still good.

If I was to put a new LCD in to test it, is there any chance a faulty iPad could damage this new LCD? I am thinking maybe a faulty board could send too much power and kill the panel?

If the answer is yes, can the connector be tested easily by a professional without installing a panel? Or is there a simple way to do this myself with a multimeter?


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Hi, did you disconnect the Battery before you disconnected or connected the LCD? If not the Backlight filter or coil could now be broken.


Hi, yes I am always very careful about that.

I can see a repair has been done previously, it looks like maybe a charge port replacement, so am thinking either they weren't careful when disconnecting/connecting LCD, or board got damaged which may have in turn damaged LCD?


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I know where you are coming from with your question I had it a while too

It really depends what the issue is with the iPad

For example:it isn’t going to damage the screen if it’s a speaker issue.Bit bare in mind that just a example

If you can roughy find the issue that will give a good indication of weather it’s good or not!

If you need help finding the issue please don’t hesitate to ask


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Hi, thanks for your answer.

That is the problem I have, I have no way to find the issue with iPad because I don't know if I should risk installing a new LCD so that I can test it 🤷‍♂️



What I would do is check the board for anything obvious like corrosion (looks like blue white green stuff)

Or anything that’s burned

If there is none of that ,me personally I would try it because I have done it 100s of times without any problems

But it’s not my decision to make,it’s up to you:-)


Thanks. I will inspect board and then decide.

Maybe I will sit on it for a while and see if I come by an already damaged but working LCD I could test with.



Go for it^_^

If there’s any thing you are unsure of just ask:-)


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