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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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What are these marks on screen?

I have a MacBook Pro 14" 2021 —A2442 The customer brought in with olive oil in the screen. I ordered a $750 replacement screen and installed it without incident. Here’s what I see on the replacement screen (see photos).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

The seller says that all new screens have to calibrated; otherwise, they show these marks. First that makes no sense. Calibration affects the entire screen uniformly, not in portions or sections of the screen. Non-calibration or incorrect calibration would not explain for rectangles along the top of the screen.

Then the seller said that it looked like I had the menu bar set to the wrong translucency. But I cannot find that setting. I did, however, set the menu to disappear. When it vanishes the rectangles still remain present on the finder and various apps, multiple user profiles and on the log-in screen.

Please comment. Please cite your sources if providing arguments against the seller’s claim.

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You got a defective display! The artifacts you are seeing are scanning errors within the T-CON logic which is that small logic board that hands off of the display that sits inside the main body.

You might find altering the screens settings might reduce the effect.

BTW - Calibration is needed for the FaceTime camera and TrueTone services. I think you'll find the camera is not working if this was a virgin unit, a used unit would have been calibrated and only Apple and its service centers have access to the needed tool.

UPDATE: The artifacts are related to this generation of display as it has local dimming zones!

Sadly, this forces you to buy the part directly from Apple as you need to calibrate it which is a special online tool only available via Apple

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It seems you may be partially correct. The artifacts I believe are due to a damaged display, but the camera is working.

Calibration is an all or none adjustment. It either makes the entire screen darker or a different town, but it doesn’t make unique individual asymmetrical objects appear or disappear on the screen.

Readers please correct me, if I am mistaken.


@wellconnected - Calibration in the older series was only a camera thing nothing to do with your artifacts you see on the screen. I can't see that being any different in the M series systems which use the same design.


I work for a laptop service center and we service 250 to 300 laptops daily. We have two identical Apple A2442 laptops with crystal clear displays. If we remove and swap the two displays, they both display the distortion in the images above. When the two displays are put back on the original units, the displays again look beautiful. There must be some calibration data or something stored in the main board that makes the displays "married" to the main board somehow. Still researching to see if there is some way we can get around this, but I am betting you need to be an Apple service center to fix this. Frustrating...


@DCHANDLER - I just opened one of these up for someone, I stand corrected there is no T-CON board attached to the display any more fitted within the main chassis. Not sure what Apple did here. Did they integrate the T-CON logic within the main logic board or fit it within the display lid as in the older 2015 models.

Your testing leads me to believe its part of the main logic board circuitry.


I have the same issues. It seems Apple paired the display to the logic board.


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Correct! You need access to the special calibration software which can only be accessed via Apple or if you bought the display directly from Apple as it will be part of the parts cost to give you access the one time to calibrate the display as we have since learned.


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