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The Canon Pixma iP3600 is a compact inkjet photo printer that weighs 12.3lbs and is 17.0”(W) x 11.7”(D) x 6.0” (H). This wired printer was released as part of Canon's Pixma series in 2008.

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My printer scans way too lite. how can I makeit scan much darker?

prnter scans way too lite.how can i replace bulb in scanner??

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im not sure if you can do it from the printer end but I know you can do it from a photo editor ,either its but in to the OS or a 3rd party app it should do what you are after:-)

hopefully this helps


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Most "AIO" scanners are subar, so not much can usually be done. For scans you need good quality on, you really need to use a standalone scanner - even a cheap one like the Epson Perfection V39* is a million times better as it's designed to be good at one thing (and Epson is known for their excellent scanners), not 3 or 4 functions with a subpar scan head. This is why my scanner, mono laser and color laser are all split even if it costs more upfront to split it all (for laser, single function devices are still common and tend to be cheaper upfront vs inkjets.) For that reason, I split the printer and scanner up unless I got an excellent deal on the AIO version.

*The V19 is the V39 with fewer features. Don't bother, even if you find it on closeout. Epson discontinued it for a reason.

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Hi sjones7407,

When you have scanned the "image", you should see a paint palette with a brush (Enhance / Correct).
Note: It's assumed that you're using Canons software.
Click that and head to the Manual tab.

There you can adjust a lot of settings, amongst others Brightness, Contrast, etc.

That should give you some better results, but it's basically post processing.

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It will help for documents, but for things like photo scanning it doesn't help at all. I had one I used to scan (ink was $50+ for a ~$20 Goodwill find I bought to scan) and the controls are not good for much. My scanners (Epson V39, DS-510) and printers (Lexmark C3326/color, M401n/pure mono) are split since I hate AIO printers.

My take on them and why I refuse to use them is the print TCO is the same for an AIO or single function, so if you can forget about the rest and just get a solid standalone single function laser that's the way to do it.


@nick Absolutely! I pretty much assumed he was referring to documents, because it's an AIO. If you want good quality scans of images, only trust quality standalone scanners. Epson would be my first choice as well, but the best results I've had was an old Agfa scanner

I have a HP LaserJet AIO, and it's surprisingly good even for images.

It's not studio quality, but it's decent


@geirandersen Some of those old Nikon/Afga/Canon film scanners are amazing at that one job, but the V600 holds its own for negatives and slides and it can also be used for documents. I also split the printer from the scanner for reliability. C4326 with $300 in toner dies? Get another one and use the existing scanner which has proven itself. Epson is known for their scanners because they've earned the high marks they get. Seeing as I have two excellent Epson scanners, is there a reason for me to own an AIO? Meh, but if you let me have a MC3426 for cheap which works but needs toner (as I have some, and they aren't SWP) I may overlook the fact it has a scanner bolted onto it.

Epson is my first choice for modern systems, but if you can get it cheap an old HP Photosmart with negative support or an Afga which does both take it. The G4050's with strong CCFL tubes left are still top notch.


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