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Why does my laptop screen go black while running?

It is fine when I initially start up my computer, but after some time it goes black. Sometimes, before it goes black, the screen gets very glitchy and just stops working. The computer itself is still running, and the audio still plays when it goes black.

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Hi @kizi989,

What is the model number of the laptop as shown on the product label on the bottom of the laptop?

Does the laptop have an option to connect an external monitor i.e. HDMI or DP port?

If so try connecting an external monitor and check if the problem also occurs with it.


It's a very good idea to follow what @jayeff said, but also to add on:

Has this laptop sustained any previous damage?

(If the answer to the prev. q is yes) who was it repaired by?

Is it still covered under warranty?

Did this happen out of the blue or did a series of events lead up to it (EG multiple blue screens or something in device manager?)

To answer @jayeff's second question, looking on walmart there is an hdmi output and 2 mini dp ones as well. Alongside a Type c

Here's the link to the product ( @kizi989 can you please give us the specs so we know which one to look for?)



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its your graphic card try this >:) refreshes graphics card "CTRL+SHIFT+WINDOWS-KEY-B"

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