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The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Is a Mid-Tier phone released by Samsung on April 20th, 2022.

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Forgot lock screen password

I forget my password of lock screen how to remove it without removing any data

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Are you logged into a Google account on this device?


Are you logged into a Samsung account on the device?


Yes sir logged in


Same problem I have just my phone on safe mode witch is mean fly mod offline so I tried a lot things nothing worked


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  1. On another computer, phone, or tablet, go to findmymobile.samsung.com
  2. Sign into the same Samsung account you used to sign into your phone.
  3. Make sure the phone you want to unlock is selected.
  4. Choose the "Unlock" option on the right side of the screen
  5. Verify your Samsung password and choose "Next". Your device should now be unlocked.

Source (under topic 2, "How to unlock your device remotely using Find My Mobile site)

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If we don have logged in using Google account then


@deepak913 This method utilizes a Samsung account that you are signed into your phone with. If you are not signed into the phone you need to unlock with a Samsung account, this method will not work.


Just like samsung account how to unlock using Google account


And I want to know if both the account is not logged in then what to do just for knowledge purpose @andrewsawesome


@deepak913 I looked it up and apparently you can't actually unlock the device using Google's Find My Device (android.com/find) without erasing it anymore.


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