What is the part name/number for hard bottom case?

On this model, there are 2 lower cases. One is the rubberized bottom shell, which shows as part number 922-9183 in iFixit's parts. However, I cannot find the bottom case that the rubberized shell is covering. That part is cracked on both sides.

Can anyone tell me what that part number or part name is, or point me to where I can find it?

Thank you.

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Loretta Curtis, any chance it is Apple Part number 604-1033 like this one


Thanks oldturkey...the techs will be looking at this again soon.


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Here's a blowup of all the parts on the A1342:


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I'm very confused. The techs must have told me incorrectly and it is actually the top case. It appears there isn't really anything protecting the bottom of this unit besides a rubberized piece. We will find out soon enough.

Thank you Mayer.


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