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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Is my screen dead or is it a cable issue?

Hi all,

My apple watch screen suddenly went bright green/yellow (see video). The digitiser still works and the watch hardware is ok (siri will answer). If its the cable, then I'll open it up.


Sadly the cost for a 44mm replacement is more than the watch is woth.


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Hi Dave

I quite hard to say but it could be a cable issue!

It could also be a internally damaged OLED display

I would open it up and reseat the cables in their connectors and if that doesn’t work it will need replaced

I never pay the price they want for them new so I get a iCloud locked ones and remove their displays as they cost waaaaaay less and it’s original quality. :-)

Hopefully this helps


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Thanks, I'll crack it open later and see if I can reseat the cables. The watch has had a hard life if its dead its dead.

Thanks for the locked watch tip too, I've not thought about that.



Sounds good:-)

When you open it up try and use a curved exacto knife and use a hairdryer to melt the adhesive

It’s quite hard to get the screens off so if you need any help just give another answer and il try and help:-)


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@ds2000 - Sorry guy, you do need a new display. The screens decode chip is on the back side which likely got liquid damaged here. There really is no cable to replace here.

Reference: Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Replacement

If you jump to Step21 the cable harness is part of the S4 SIP package which you can see in Step 11 in the Apple Watch Series 4 Teardown

Apple Watch Series 4 Изображение


Apple Watch Series 4 Teardown



Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Изображение


Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Replacement



1 - 2 hours

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Thanks Dan,

I'll get looking for a spares watch with a good display. Im not paying more than the value of the current watch to repair it.

I was due to upgrade last year but the latest version was such a small step I didn't bother, I'd have probably gotten 150-200 euros for this back then and given it'll be the beating I give them with sport thats broken it, for someone else it probably would have lasted a few more years.


Hi David,

Having the same issue as you. Can you confirm that replacing the screen fixed the problem?

Thank you!


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