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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Apple watch 4 not powering on


I recently ordered and recieved a broken apple watch series 4 from eBay, it was said that it showed absolutely no sign of life. I tried opening it and testing the battery, but nothing came up from that. Would anyone else know what else could be the reason that the watch suddenly stopped working completely?



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Hi Simon,

I really hope you bought the watch because you really wanted an Apple Watch rather than wanting to hone your repair expertise. Apple Watches are notoriously non-repairable; there are really only three parts that are user-replaceable - the display, battery and force touch sensor. Everything else is sealed up tight and/or encased in epoxy and cannot be repaired without specialized equipment and expertise.

So really, you're pretty much down to replacing the battery and/or the display and hoping one of them fixes the problem. Since it's 1/10th the price of a new screen, I'd start with the battery and see if that works; if not, then a replacement screen is about all that's left to try.

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