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Which apple iPod is best to buy?

Hii, i want to buy an old apple ipod. Ive decided on an ipod nano 4th gen or an older mode like the ipod classic, but im not sure which one to get, so i was wondering which one would be best in case i need to get it fixed in the future? For example if the battery wears out or something else inside it needs fixing, which one would have the best chance of surviving, since its going to be an old device. Thank you!

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if you want a iPod that's the easiest to repair and service the iPod 5th generation is the best for you as it have very nice sound quality and is easily repaired

it also has a nice amount of storage

if you are wanting to get one from eBay try typing in iPod 5th gen classic or iPod 5th gen as that will make them show up;-)

here's a photo of one

Block Image

Block Image

if you have any more questions please ask


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Thank you so much!! So does that mean that if in the future i take it to get repaired or battery changed, this one have the highest chance of “surviving”? Im not very educated on this topping, but i saw this one requires soldering? Wouldnt that make it harder? If you could explain would be super helpful :)


Also do you think the ipod nano 4th gen would be a good option if it needs future maintance? I like that its smaller than the ipod you recommended, but im not too picky about it


@Bella Wang

if you get the classic/original one it dosent require soldering and it opens easily ,it also has a high chance of surviving

I think you are thinking of the 5th gen nano as that one requires soldering(don't get a nano as they are very hard to repair)


Also last question :) , does it mean if its easier to repair, that it is also of worse quality physically?


Thank you for being so kind to help! I wont get a nano then :). Would there really be a big difference between getting a ipod classic and the ipod 5gen that u recommended? They look the same to me, but maybe they are different internally? I just cant be too picky when it comes to secondhand, gotta get what i can find!


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