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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Replacing the LCD vs only the Front Glass

I am looking to fix my Apple Watch screen. There’s no actual damage to the watch or how it runs. No touch screen issues either. There is only scratches in the glass from it being scraped on the concrete (long story). Kit wise: I see an option to replace the entire LCD or only purchase the replacement Glass. I just don’t want to order/replace an expensive full LCD as it’s much more difficult than just the glass screen.

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For the normal DIY-er, this is a really bad idea. The OLED display is fused to the digitizer and it requires extremely specialized tools and expertise to separate them, then re-fuse it to a new digitizer. There are services available on eBay that will do that for you for around $70 USD, making it a much better idea than trying to do it yourself.

Apple watches are notoriously non-repairable; the general consensus is that only the battery, force touch sensor and full display are repairable by us average joes, no matter how skilled we are at fixing things.

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The OLED display is glued to the front crystal. Sadly, without the proper tools to break the LOCA adhesion between them without damaging the very thin OLED display is already very difficult.

I would focus on just replacing the full assembly Apple Watch Series-4 display assembly following this guide Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Replacement be aware the NFC module is part of display assembly and you'll need to carefully remove yours to place on the new display assembly

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