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Released in 2020, the Razer Blade 15" Advanced model is designed to provide gamers with powerful specifications and sleek aesthetics.

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How do I remove the battery? - Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2020)

My battery is starting to bulge. I started to notice when it began preventing me from clicking on the trackpad. Looked up guides on how to remove the battery, but none of them have a "missing" screw like this model does (circled in red). I'm able to lift up on the rest of the part, but cannot do so in the area where that "missing" screw is located.

Block Image

I have checked for a screw under the SSD without any luck. Any help for removing this battery is greatly appreciated!

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There should be a small black plastic popping out on the left side of the battery. You need to pull it (it's the adhesive that keeps the battery stuck to the bottom case) once the whole adhesive is gone just lift the battery and it will come right out :)

Found myself having this problem too hope it helps

Feel free to reach me on social :) @zepvalue

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That worked, thanks for the help!


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